We sit in the world’s fastest growing digital economy.

Southeast Asia has 350M internet users growing at 13% p.a.

Mobile-first: 90% of these internet users are on mobile

Highest internet engagement levels in the world with users spending on average close to 4 hours per day on the internet (compared to 2 hours in the US)

SEA internet economy is growing at 27% CAGR and estimated to exceed $240B by 2025

Why We're Different


We provide strategic capital

Our founding partners and core LPs are owners of some of the largest business enterprises of Indonesia and the Philippines, Southeast Asia’s largest markets, which gives us a deep network of channels to help our portfolio companies scale up.

We are founder first

We invest in founders first, businesses second. Our mission is to help founders realise their vision and ensure they are always the drivers of the business. We see ourselves in a long-term relationship as trusted growth partners not just in their current business, but also their next ones.

We build bridges

We believe that profound transformations happen with the cross-fertilisation of talent, capital, technologies and end-markets across borders. Southeast Asia has the largest and fastest growing end markets but not always yet the innovative solutions for them. We look to fill a structural gap by investing in talented founders with innovative solutions wherever they may be and connect them with the large end-markets of our region.

We lead with conscience

We are strongly committed to transparency, responsiveness and integrity in dealing with all our stakeholders, from our founders to employees to our investors. In an industry where trust is often derided or abused, for us it is our most critical asset.